what we do

Exceptional SMEs are almost always a labour of love; built through hard work, dedicated management and entrepreneurial endeavour.

But for any business there can come a point where the next stage in its development seems a bridge too far.

That’s where we can help.

Bridgehill Partners invests in and acquires small and medium-sized UK companies, giving them the resources and the support they need to achieve evolutionary change and growth.

Our approach is hands-on, collaborative and responsive to the individual circumstance of every business, ensuring we deliver change and long-term growth with the minimum of disruption to the company’s ongoing operations.

Direct Investment & Development

We invest in small and medium-sized companies which need an injection of dedicated resources and capabilities to unlock their full potential.


Our investments typically come about when owners are seeking help to push their business beyond its current boundaries, or are looking to reduce their own commitment.


The companies we acquire have enterprise values of £5-15 million, with proven business models, attractive growth opportunities and positive cash flows.


We typically look for a majority equity stake, but strongly encourage continued participation of owners and existing managers.

Backing for Management & Investment Teams

We also welcome the opportunity to back entrepreneurial management and investment teams to help them get a deal done.


As ever, our focus is on small and medium-sized UK businesses: SMEs with enterprise values between £5 and 15 million, proven business models, attractive market dynamics and positive cash flows. We bring in-depth experience in this space, and can lend expertise and help with capital as needed.  


Typically we favour buy-out investments, but we will also consider development capital and minority investments in deals where we can play a supporting role.